Industrial Coatings

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Substrate Preparation

Foundation for Quality Coatings

2-Sandblasting Booths provide surface profiles up to Commercial Near White (SSPC-SP10) *add in dimensions of the booths

2-High pressure wash bays to remove contaminants and wand apply Iron Phosphate or Zirconium rust inhibitors

5 Stage Alkaline wash and Zirconium pretreatment spray line

Powder Coating
Steelman Oven
Powder Booth
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Powder Coating

2-Modular Spray Booths to accommodate medium to large products or small lot size.

3-Batch Ovens to cure medium to large parts coated in Modular Booths.

2-Powder Conveyor lines to handle low volume detailed masking parts as well as high volume production runs.

We work with all the major powder suppliers to deliver the performance to your specifications or requirements

WP Spray Booth
WP Heated Cure
Climate Controlled Paint Room
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Wet Paint

Conveyor line with 2 inline spray booths and heat assisted curing.

Spray booth for larger projects

Climate controlled room with cure oven for more sensitive paints

Zinc Plated Grounding Point
Zinc Plated Grounding Point
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Localized Zinc Plating

SifCo ASC TechnoPlate Powerpack

Plating up to 10 inch square or round area

Provides rust protection for areas not coated with powder coat or paint for instance electrical grounding points

Detailed masking
Low Volume Line
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Detailed Masking

Masking of print specified areas for both powder coat and wet paint applications.

Capping or Plugging threads.

Masking for multiple colors

Items that might slowdown your in house painting lines.

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Assembly of components to prints or specifications.

Packaged and ready to ship to our customers or to the end user.

Paints and Coatings

We Partner with Major brands to provide a wide range of coatings.

Leveraging the technical support and expertise of coating manufacturers to provide the highest quality coatings.

Our offerings include CARC painting, CeraKote, SAE AS1701 Sprayed Dry Film Lubricants, and Zinc Plating. All standard Powder Coatings and Liquid Paints.

We are ITAR Compliant, RoHS Compliant, and hold a Federal Firearms License

Accurate is an Approved vendor for Applied Materials, National Oilwell Varco (NOV), & BAE